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konsumen cerdas paham perlindungan konsumen

savvy consumers understand consumer protection could be a smart consumer to understand the consumer protection ( konsumen cerdas paham perlindungan konsumen ) we need to know their rights and obligations as a user or users of a product in detail.

Follow things like: carefully before buying, pay attention to labels, business cards and expaid manuaal garransi date, ensuring that the product is in accordance with quality standards K3L, and purchase goods according to needs and not wants.

The main one of all, as consumers we should be able to maintain and enhance social responsibility as a smart consumer understanding of consumer protection by buying domestically produced goods, thoughtful care for the earth, and healthy food consumption patterns.

As consumers we should also know that smart consumers understand consumer protection or konsumen cerdas paham perlindungan konsumen have the rights and obligations protected by the Act and determine access to a consumer protection agency to fight for their rights. With this knowledge it is the level of public awareness in protecting itself and its environment could be higher.

As we have seen, the government has made a regulatory or legal framework to protect consumers, and the government routinely conduct surveillance. But without any real support from consumers who have established legal pemerintak not be effective.

Therefore, in line with these efforts, it is no less important is the active participation of  and assist the government in conducting surveillance

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